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Day 132 “Who reads what I write?”

Some days my blog just explodes and I wonder who is reading what I write?  Is it because I have been on TV, the radio, in the newspaper?  It is hard to figure out sometimes.  I write about baseball things and how excited I get or how I am feeling about life.  Most of the time I don’t think what I am writing is very good (no need to tell me that it is good Mom, Heidi, or anyone else that encourages me on a regular basis, just discussing something here, but I do appreciate the encouragement), I have talked to other writers/journalists/bloggers and they all tell me the same thing.  It is normal to have doubt. I have reread earlier articles that I have written and I know my writing is evolving and I think is getting better.  Beth doesn’t have to spend hours fixing and reorganizing my points or information I am trying to convey, believe me she has been a miracle worker!

The things I have learned...
The things I have learned…

As I have been out on the road, I have devoted 95% of my life to baseball. I go to all the games I say I have. I constantly read baseball information on a daily basis, I check out stadiums, people that work at the stadiums, the fans in the stands, the equipment used by the players, how the grounds crew maintains the field (that post is being worked on, well not really – it’s evolving. I have all my notes, which I have reviewed and I am trying to construct a good story). Continuing – what material they use to make it look nice, how the announcers research and call a game, what the players are doing to prepare, how the print and visual media report the games. I have learned there is tons of politics that affects and touches every aspect of the game. So much goes into all of it. I have learned what a very intricate web ‘baseball’ really is.

Most days I can’t believe that I am out on the road doing what I am doing, but there are days that frustrate me. Days that I become very cynical at what I see.  I try to square it with my brain, but I can’t turn a blind eye to everything. It’s hard to ignore how greed plays a role in the game, who the power brokers are, who has the better marketing machine but the inferior product.  All of this gets to me. I had that experience last night and again today.  Cities that sold their soul for something that was a waste of money. Companies that have better and innovative products but can’t break through because others are too scared of the fall out of losing sponsorship money.  Yeah that is life and eventually I find my acceptance.  Even I worry about what I write. I don’t want to be offensive in case someone with deep pockets wants to sponsor me.  I don’t like living that way but I am cultivating and inquiring everywhere I go!  I have a few stories that I am digging deeper into things I find very interesting.  Some of what I will write will take a little courage, maybe it will come out in a book, who knows!

It occurred to me that today is Friday, everyday feels like a Friday to me so I do get confused.  I have learned that my Friday, Saturday and Sunday posts don’t get read by very many people, so I am going to save a couple of things for Monday and Tuesday that I am excited to write!  Yes the Grounds Crew one and the Play by Announcer one.  I will be at a Chicago Cubs game tomorrow afternoon if anyone is going to be in Chicago, or at that game, let me know!  Have a great weekend to most of you that won’t tune in until Monday morning when you are trying to figure out how you are going to get through another work week!

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  1. John as I always tell you, you’re doing great learning good and bad, and I wish I had the time and passion to do what you do. I don’t have the time or money that you have been given and earned to do this trip. And you have the passion to actually go out and do it and experience so nothing is stupid from that point. And you’re thinking of Angels not just the baseball kind lol so your mind isn’t just occupied fully on baseball. Goode to see and continue to take care and best wishes. Your baseball friend Paul

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