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Day 185 “Grounds Crew Buddha!”

Helping with the tarp!
Helping with the tarp!

So, here I am again sitting in a Press Box.  This time I am in Lakewood, New Jersey on the Jersey Shore.  It took me about nine hours from Princeton, West Virginia.  I was so happy that they got the game in last night. I even helped getting the tarp off the field. That experience gave me more of a perspective of those that handle the tarp.  Not as light and ‘fluffy’ as it may look. I was suppose to be at an Independent Pro game in Montclair, New Jersey; but, decided to go to Trenton instead since it was closer.  When I showed up in Trenton, I realized that I looked at the schedule wrong so I needed to find a game and “here I am.” Very grateful the Director of Media and Public Relations for the Blueclaws was gracious and issued me a pass.  Thanks Greg Giombarrese!  I am very impressed with the experience in Lakewood. The team is a Low-A team. Even though, they are drawing over 6,000 fans. Besides that, they are in last place and are still drawing well!

Jersey Shore!
Jersey Shore!

I will be heading over to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, for the Little League World Series tomorrow and very excited to experience that environment. I was relieved to find out the drive was ‘only’ about a four hours. I have been driving a lot and have a couple of long days coming up. The end of the Minor League season will be here soon, like September 1. I need to get to a few more states to complete my goal of attending a game in all 48 States in the ‘Continental U.S.’ I will need a lot of luck to continue attending a game a day through the end of the season. I have seven MLB stadiums to get to and don’t feel that will be an issue. The playoffs are going to be interesting.  I will be drawing on all my connections to complete this journey.  I am starting to think long and hard about what I need to do when the season ends.  I will need to get an apartment, some kind of job to sustain me in my future. I have gotten so used to driving all over it will be interesting to see how long it will take me to adjust to a stationary life.

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