Day 145 “WTH!”

Members of the Vintage Base Ball Team the Cleveland Blues!  I am going to check them out next month!
Members of the Vintage Base Ball Team the Cleveland Blues! I am going to check them out next month!

I am testing/seeing how many people will check out this link when I use a headline like that and I will let you know in a few days. Today is a Saturday. I have learned that people don’t normally tune into my posts during the weekend.  I am currently at a Dayton Dragon game in Dayton, Ohio.  I am sitting in the Press Box and I am getting used to doing this. I feel very lucky, that I admit. The perspective is much different and you get a great view of the game.  I walked around the entire place, making ‘notes to self’ on an interesting idea for a story that I will construct in the coming days.  I am not going to write to much today, I already wrote a post regarding Chat, my brother, and the day I missed.  I am working my way towards Minneapolis for the All Star Game on Tuesday. I am excited to get back into Milwaukee sometime tomorrow night after I attend a College Summer League game in Lexington, IL.  My daughter and I will be grabbing breakfast Monday morning and then I will head up to Eau Claire to see my parents and find a game along the way.  If you haven’t read my posts for Day 143 and Day 144 please do! (Click on the Day link and it will take you to the story).

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  1. Great to run into you 7/11! We, The Cleveland Blues, play 8/9-10 at the National Silver Ball Tournament in Mumford, NY, in Columbus, OH 8/30 or 31(TBD – 20 teams from 9 states), and finally at Kelley’s Island on September 13 to end the season. We hope to see you! Let us know if you could make of these. We are also tentatively supposed to open up the re-done League Park in Cleveland 8/23 but not yet confirmed. Babe Ruth hit his 500th HR there, DiMaggio had the last hit of his “streak” there….much history!


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